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No upfront costs, simply pay your first monthly subscription fee and we’ll get to work for you.

Absolutely not! You pay a monthly subscription fee and will know your monthly price before getting started. We offer 2 plans either $99 + $15/page for a website or $199 + $15/page + $10/product for an eCommerce website. We have different add-ons and you will know if the add-on is billed as a one-time set up or if it will be added to your monthly subscription.

Yes, our plans have a 1 year contract. If you cancel before the year is up,  you will be required to pay out the remaining contract. If you would still like to do it on a monthly basis – we can arrange that just let us know. A lot of work and time goes into designing and building your website and the contract helps ensure we are working with people who are serious about taking their business to the next level. Think of it like a cell phone plan. Instead of paying upfront for your website (or phone), you are paying for it in an easier to manage monthly fee.

Generally speaking, we will have you up and running within a month of your first payment. Please keep in mind that this can depend on complexity and how quick you are to provide the feedback we need.

Absolutely, we can transfer your existing domain to our easy-to-use platform.

No, we can help you with that!

Depending on your needs, we can have one of our graphic design experts make you a logo for a small fee. Our goal is all about making your dreams affordable. Book a call with us to find out if it’s something we can accommodate.

Yes! Our custom 5D Web Studio platform is very easy to use and we offer a help section to teach you how to edit on the go. Still stuck? Book a call using the button below!

We’re based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but we can build websites across the globe. Most of our clients are in Canada or the United States.

Yes, but there is a 1 year contract so you will be required to either pay out the reminder of the contract or continue paying your monthly fee until 2 year is up. Keep in mind if you cancel, your website will no longer remain active and you will lose all content. If you want to keep your content and migrate your site to another platform we charge a one-time fee of $1000 USD to cover the costs of migration.

Yes, if you cancel within the first year you will need to pay out the remainder of your contract before you migrate out. There is also a one-time migration fee of $1000 USD to cover the cost of migration.

No, this is a fully comprehensive, all-inclusive solution. If you want a WordPress site we can work with you to design a bespoke website for an additional cost. Book a call below to discuss.

Absolutely, you can find it here! It is always under construction to add new and updated content. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, book a call or send us an email!

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